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Mantis Q Drone


Drones at a tailgate… we say yes. Whether you are videotaping your kid’s latest highlight reel or taking shots of your latest-and-greatest tailgating adventure, this is the drone that will capture it all perfectly. With voice activated controls and a top speed of 44 mph, this baby can keep up with whatever you are throwing down. Just remember it can’t follow you into the stadium. They will definitely confiscate it.


  • 33 min run time with is almost enough to fit in your game day highlights.
  • 44 mph at top speed is wicked fast.


  • Its not cheap.
  • If you hand over the controls to your lovable but inebriated friend, it’s on you.

This product is available for $500 on Yuneec’s website. If drone’s are your thing, then this is definitely worth a look.

If you grab one of these and like what you experience, send us some pics and your thoughts for a chance to be one of our Featured Fans. (Use #HungryFan).

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