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Post-Football & Olympics

What to Watch After Football and the Olympics End?

Ah. Football. It feels like such a distant memory already. We miss it. When does it come back? Our pangs of football-missing sadness were briefly distracted (in a really good way) by two weeks of sheer, incredible athleticism on display in Pyeongchang, South Korea during the Winter Olympics. But alas, both football and the Winter Games are in our rear view window. So we took a survey of you fans out there, hungry for sport, to see what you are most looking forward to watching now. What’s getting your inner sports fan excited?

(And then we made a pie chart because our inner middle school nerd got really excited at having a reason to make one).

Here are the results:

Pie Chart

  1. MLB
  2. NBA (Playoffs and Finals)
  3. College Basketball (March Madness)
  4. The Masters
  5. NFL Draft
  6. NHL
  7. MLS
  8. PGA (other than The Masters)
  9. Rugby
  10. College Football Recruiting & Spring Games
  11. Premier League
  12. Formula 1
  13. Bundesliga

Didn’t get a chance to vote? Send us a tweet @TheHungryFan and we’ll add your vote and update this blog in the coming weeks!

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