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Arctic Chill

1.3" Ice Cube Silicone Trays (2-Pack)

  • ❄️DELICIOUS DRINKS - Each ice cube tray allows you to create twenty-one (21) ice cubes -- a total of forty-two (42) ice cubes. These 1.3" slow melting ice cubes keep your drinks cold and fresh without diluting them as quickly as normal ice cubes.
  • ❄️EASY TO USE ICE TRAYS: Create the perfect ice cubes for your drinks and more. Fill up the twenty-one (21) ice cube molds and easily remove them from the flexible silicone ice cube tray. The ice cubes will never crack or break.
  • ❄️GET THE PARTY STARTED - The perfect size 1.3" ice cube trays with lids. They can be served with lots of beverages -- vodka, ice tea, coffee, and more. Use the Arctic Chill ice mold to enhance your drinks and elevate the party!
  • ❄️SAFE & RELIABLE - These silicone ice cube trays are BPA-free and FDA-approved. Each large ice cube tray is dishwasher and microwave safe -- making cleaning easy.
  • HUNGRY FAN COMMUNITY: By purchasing this product, you now become part of the largest community of game day and entertainment enthusiasts! We value the quality and durability of our products and strive to produce the best grilling accessories for you. We have absolute faith in our products and offer a money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. No-questions-asked, no hassle.


Love the size of these cubes, and the lid is great!

These make great sized cubes...perfect for my water bottle AND a rocks glass. I recommend filling to a bit below the top to make removal easier. I also wait a few minutes after removing from the freezer, and removing the ice cubes is 10 times easier. Although the lid doesn’t click or secure to the tray, it prevents spillage en route to the freezer, makes stacking easier and keeps the cubes fresh tasting.

When I have company over, I fill with boiled and filter water, and the cubes come out clear and beautiful!

- Texas Kate


Love them!

I’ve had these since 2016.
1st make at least 4 batches of ice and throw it way to remove the residue.
2nd leave on the counter for 1.5-2 mins. Then pop out.
3rd. I have 3 kids who use them in a weekly basis. No rips or cracks.
Love them.

- Jessica