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Arctic Chill

1.3" Ice Cube Silicone Trays (2-Pack)

Never worry about running out of the perfect, long-lasting ice with our popular 1.3” Silicone Ice Cube Trays. These cubes are just the right size for all your favorite beverages and keep everything nice and cool.

  • DELICIOUS REFRESHMENT: Chill drinks without diluting them. These 1.3" slow-melting ice cubes keep your drinks cold and fresh. Try them out with whiskey, vodka, iced tea, coffee, and more.
  • GIVE YOUR DRINKS A TWIST: Elevate all your cocktails and specialty drinks with large, sleek ice cubes. You can even include garnishes, juices, and more for slow-melting add-ins.
  • BETTER THAN CONVENTIONAL PLASTIC: Our trays are made of flexible silicone, so you can grab ice withoutbattling a frustrating plastic tray.This handy set of two allows you to make a total of 42 cubes.
  • KEEPIN’ IT FRESH: The lidded design of our trays ensures your ice stays clean, so your drinks aren’t tainted by funky freezer smells.
  • BPA-FREE AND FDA-APPROVED: You can safely use these premium ice trays in your freezer, dishwasher, and microwave.

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