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Arctic Chill

2.5" Crystal Clear Ice Ball Mold

This may just be the best damn ice you ever encounter. Our incredible 2.5” Crystal Clear Ice Ball Molds will upgrade any drink and leave you, and your friends, astounded. Casual sippers need not apply—this ice is for people who love their drinks.
  • DELICIOUS REFRESHMENT: Chill drinks without diluting them. Lasting up to ten times longer than an average ice cube, the 2.5” ice balls will keep drinks colder for longer. Try them out with whiskey, vodka, iced tea, coffee, and more.
  • GIVE YOUR DRINKS A TWIST: Elevate all your cocktails and specialty drinks with sensational, crystal clear ice globes. 
  • BETTER THAN CONVENTIONAL PLASTIC: Our molds are super flexible, so you can grab ice withoutbattling a frustrating plastic tray.
  • BPA-FREE AND FDA-APPROVED: You can safely use these premium ice molds in your freezer, dishwasher, and microwave.

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