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Sauce Basting Brush (2 Pack)

  • Set of Two 7.5 X 12 Inch
  • PROFESSIONAL: Soft and absorbant, this bbq brush is designed to spread an even glaze, sauce, marinade, or butter across your cooked goods. This silicone brush is a must have for you collection of grill accessories.
  • LOAD UP THE SAUCE: This silicone cooking brush quickly takes in thinner sauces that standard oil brushes wont. Works great for Carolina and Texas-Style BBQ or vinegar-based sauces.Perfect for basting and glazing a variety of meats and poultry AND as a pastry brush with buttered baked goods!
  • SET OF TWO: Including one 12 inch and one 7.5 inch stainless steel handle, this set gives you range and control in any situation.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Each stainless cooking brush is equipt with heat resistant and dishwasher safe silicone bristles. Long 12" handle keeps your hands away from the heat when glazing bbq meats.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These stainless cooking brushes are rust-proof and prevent any juices or meats from sticking. Easily wipe off your sauce brush after use or throw it in the dishwasher to keep it clean and ready for next time.


Perfect Size!

It was hard to find a grill brush EXACTLY how I wanted it to be ... they were all either way too large (not everyone is basting an entire pork carcass, ya know), too small (I was using a kitchen basting brush before, with like a 4 inch handle), or had an awkwardly angled head, metal or cloth bristles (making them unsuitable for a dishwasher) or were plastic (because plastic and open flame are such a great combination, grill brush manufactuers :/ ). So I was skeptical when I found what appeared to be a fairly large but otherwise good design of grill brush on here (I'm terrible with math ... 12 inches seemed large).

However, I got this brush, and as soon as I pulled it out of the box, I knew that THIS was the brush I had been wanting all along. For people like myself, who have a simple $100 propane grill (in other words, something not very large, and not very fancy), this brush is perfect. It's small enough to weild easily, but long enough to prevent burns from reaching over the grill while its in use. The body is brushed stainless steel, which gives it both a professional look but also an easy-to-clean exterior that will go with any other set of tools you have. And the head is made of silicon, making it heat resistant and safe to throw in the dishwasher when you're done.

There's other brushes, some of which are much nicer ... but for any casual griller, the kind that likes to whip up some basic flame-cooked meats but isn't invested enough to get a $300+ grill, this brush is more than adequate for your purposes.

- AustinTiffany


These brushes replace my OLD silicone brushes which were great but very cheap

These brushes replace my OLD silicone brushes which were great but very cheap, these new ones are excellent for bastiing on and off the BBQ, keeps my hands out of the flames as they are nice and long. SUPER easy to clean.

I was going to go for the mop head style, but figured these will do just fine to start.

- Jason Peel