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Cedar Wood Grill Scraper

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Smooth radiused edges for easy and comfortable use. Our cedar grill scraper will efficiently clean your grill with ease. Made with a comfortable grip to easily reach under, over, between and beyond grill grates while thoroughly cleaning.
  • NO BRISTLES: No more dangerous metal bristles in your food, mouth, and gums. Wire brushes can be tough on the grill and food as it often leaves behind troublesome bristles that damage your grill and end up in your mouth.
  • CONTOURS TO GRILL: No more worrying about finding the perfect grill scraper, our cedar scraper will adjust specifically to your grill as you use it allowing more efficient cleaning.
  • FULL SIZE: This cedar grill scraper is made from 100% Natural Western Red Cedar,18 inches in length, and 1 inch in thickness. It can be used with one or both hands to get the best results for a clean grill.
  • HUNGRY FAN COMMUNITY: By purchasing this product, you now become part of the largest community of game day and entertainment enthusiasts! We value the quality and durability of our products and strive to produce the best grilling accessories for you.


So much safer than the wire brushes I feel better serving food off the grill to my family knowing ...

Bought this for my husband as an early Father's Day gift and he absolutely loves it! So much safer than the wire brushes I feel better serving food off the grill to my family knowing that they are safe and the quality of the food isn't changed at all! Looking forward to seeing how the grooves evolve and the grill smells great after it's been passed over a few times by the wood.
- Lisa Carlson
Great sturdy product-very easy to use
After hearing all the reports of people ingesting wire splinters from food cooked on the grill, I immediately stopped using my wire scrapers. After a lot of research, I found this cedar scraper by Grill Hog and I am very happy with the purchase. There are other scrapers on the market, but they were thinner wood (making them subject to cracking) or they were made out of cheaper wood. This one is perfect!

While it doesn't come with instructions, there are a lot of youtube videos that explain how to use this product.
- Joyce