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12" Barbecue Grill Tongs

  • DURABLE: Crafted for seasoned BBQ grillers with high quality stainless steel and damage resistant oak wood.
  • SAFE: long handles allows you to keep your hands cool while maintaining control. Wooden oak handle prevents heat from reaching your hands making GRILLHOGS tongs the perfect large tongs for cooking.
  • COMFORTABLE: The sturdy and smooth wood oak handle makes this one of the best grill tools available. This is a must have for your ultimate BBQ accessories set up.
  • LOCKING: Use the Lock and Hook feature to keep your tongs for grilling neat and compact.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These stainless kitchen tongs are rust-proof and prevent any juices or meats from sticking. Easily wipe off your barbecue tongs after use to keep them clean and ready for next time.


Sturdy and well made tongs

I have an older pair I got a while back it was sturdy as these ones but I never found them again. It was some other brand. These are as sturdy as my older ones but has some wood screwed on the top part as decoration it is not actually needed. These wood parts are retained by two small screws that over time they might come loose if you don’t keep that wood oiled up. It has some kind of clear coat that with use it will start coming off. Water and soap will dry out those wood parts over time, causing expansion and contraction. Use a little cutting board oil on them from time to time. Other than that these are great, well made and sturdy. Thick steel was used on these they won’t bend like the cheap ones. You can easily pick up a whole slab of ribs with no problems. These are the type of tongs that last.

- Jaime Nunez


Mega Durable Workhorse!

These tongs really are amazing.
They've been left OUTSIDE for almost 3 years and they are STILL in great shape! I'm so impressed.
They are obviously real stainless steel and oak considering their stellar durability.

The main reason I love these, though, is their functionality. They have a really firm, confident gripping power combined with the cascading rounded top for extra grip and precision. You'll see in the photos that these have the ability to pick up very small pieces of food with precision and accuracy (I used a small, thin piece of plastic for the photos). As far as confident power you'll see in the photos that I'm holding a 7 lb. dumbbell with only the tongs and it's holding strong. It would hold there for as long as I had the strength to do so. How does this translate? If you're picking up a hefty size piece of meat to flip on the grill it WILL NOT SLIP OUT of these tongs as long as you hold firmly.

They've held up EXTREMELY well considering they've only been inside a few days in the last 3 years.
I'd buy these again and I'd buy them for all my friends and family too!
6 stars if I could!

- CurnoworNever