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18" Grill Basting Mop

  • PROFESSIONAL: Soft and absorbant, this bbq brush is designed to spread an even glaze, sauce, marinade, or butter across your barbecued meats. This BBQ mop is a must have for you collection of grill accessories.
  • LOAD UP THE SAUCE: This baster brush quickly soaks up thinner sauces that standard basting brushes wont. Works great for Carolina and Texas-Style BBQ or vinegar-based sauces.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for basting and glazing a variety of meats and poultry AND as a pastry brush for buttered baked goods!
  • SAFE: High quality 18 inch wooden handle keeps your hands away from the grill during use while maintaining precise control.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Tired of cleaning your grill brush? Pop this mop head in the washing machine for a hands free and easy clean! Includes 2 mop heads.


Well made.

Good bbq mop. Holds a lot of sauce. I clean mine by hand as it usually has a lot of sauce on it. To dry I go outside and sling it hard with the handle on - don’t let go - until it’s damp. Then remove the mop head and twirl it while placing it on a towel or paper towel to finish drying. Practice this you’ll get the hang of it. Just make sure there is not a wad of threads together they will dry faster. This product does what it says and is well made. Recommend.

- WhippoorwilleRose


Mop it Up

- Chris O