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Marinade Meat Injector

  • THE ULTIMATE MARINADE INJECTOR: Includes a free bonus eBook download containing great food injector recipes for fabulous tasting meals by easily adding delicious marinade flavors. Become a cooking legend by creating ultra flavorsome and super moist grills, roasts and BBQs!
  • DELUXE PROFESSIONAL CHEF QUALITY: made from the highest grade food quality stainless steel to ensure 100% that your new meat marinator is completely food safe and ensures product durability. Constructed of heavy 304 Food Grade stainless steel for all food-facing components including, barrel, barrel nose, plunger and needles.
  • MARINATE QUICKLY AND EASILY: complete with 3 specialized marinade injector needles which are designed for precision marinade injection into any cut meat size. Complete with small needle for marinating smaller cuts.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY MEAT: this meat injector is perfect for keeping meat moist and tasty and improves the flavor of brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, and more! Durable and the needles inject any meat or poultry easily, enriching the taste and ensuring your meat is bursting with flavor.
  • HUNGRY FAN COMMUNITY: By purchasing this product, you now become part of the largest community of game day and entertainment enthusiasts! We value the quality and durability of our products and strive to produce the best grilling accessories for you. We have absolute faith in our products and offer a money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. No-questions-asked, no hassle.


5 stars

Arrived right on time! I did a pair of pork tenderloin and injected them with apple juice Cajun and brown sugar I made at home and it came out perfect they were full of flavor. Would def buy again.
- Rasheem
This is a heavy duty injector. For the price I was concerned but now I'm blown away. We've had it for about 6 months and it is great. Comes with two different tips and is shipped in a custom cut foam pad. Very strong handle and vacuum. Easy to clean
- Jena McAlister